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As a registered NZ organisation selling products and services, we honour your rights as a consumer under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA). Thus, our warranty and returns policy will abide with this Act.

We will ensure that the products we offer are:

  • Of acceptable quality, safety and durabilty (incl. after delivery)
  • Fit for purpose (do what it is expected to do)
  • Match the description given
  • Match any samples or demonstration models

 But in consideration of:

  • The nature, age and type of products, e.g. second-hand products are more likely to show signs of use and may be less durable than new products
  • The price paid — products that are expensive are expected to be of better quality than products that are very cheap
    • lower quality products are usually cheaper
  • Any information on the products, in the advertising, packaging or product description. Or any statements (good or bad) the retailer, supplier or salesperson made about the products including their history, quality or condition
  • If you were specifically told about any faults before purchasing the product, you cannot claim because of them later on.
  • All other relevant circumstances, e.g. how soon the fault developed after purchase.


  • All our items (except tech and consumables) come with a 6-month warranty
  • All tech items will come with a 3-month Return to Base Hardware Warranty
    • Covers hardware or componentry faults sold by us only. It does not cover software faults or corrupted file systems due to Operating System modifications, custom upgrades or software related errors. Any changes to the hardware or software configuration and added components not performed by us will void the warranty. Acts of misuse, damage, or foreign objects entering the item will also void the warranty.
  • We do not offer warranties on our consumable products (e.g. Stationery, printer ink and toner, toiletry and cleaning supplies; anything designed to be consumed or used up). Not applicable if the consumable was used up

Faulty Products

If a product purchased from us for personal or household use becomes faulty (e.g. stops working, breaks easily, does not do what it is expected to do), and it is still under warranty. Depending on the seriousness of the fault, we will provide a remedy (typically a repair, exchange, replacement, refund or other mutual agreement).

Minor issues:

If the product fault is minor and can be fixed, we (the retailer) will be able to choose whether to repair the item, replace it, refund your money or other mutual agreed remedy.

Major issues:

If the problem is substantial, you (the consumer) can refuse a repair and request a replacement or a refund.

Please ensure that with all inquires you have your proof of purchase with you (e.g. your receipt, invoice or the contract for services).

Item pick-up if faulty:

If you believe an item is faulty and are unable to return the item back to us for investigation. We will are happy to organise the return for you, whether it is paying for a courier label (for smaller items) or arranging our own pick up (for larger items)

After investigation, if the fault claim cannot be justified (e.g. product was damaged due to misuse), the customer must pay any return fee that was covered or organised by us.

Faulty item refunds will include the delivery fee (or a portion of it, if it was one of multiple products delivered)

Things not covered:

The CGA will not cover you (i.e. you will not be able to claim) for the following:

  • Commercial products or services — goods normally bought for business use, e.g. industrial or farm machinery and vehicles, or work normally carried out for a business. This includes for resupply in trade or to produce, manufacture or repair other products in trade.
  • Money – if money was the product purchased
  • Buildings or parts of building attached to land for residential accommodation
  • Products donated by us and accepted by you for your benefit
  • Products or service purchased privately and not through our shop
  • Fault developed due to misuse – product was used in a way it was not intended, expected or purposed for.
  • The product has been in use or existed long enough that it is reasonable/understandable that it broke.
  • The product was damaged, lost or disposed of by the consumer.
  • The product was modified or altered by the consumer which helped cause the issue.
  • The product was purchased for resale
  • The product was purchased to be used in a manufacturing process.
  • The consumer got what they asked for but simply changed their mind
  • The consumer knew of or were made aware of the fault/s in question before they purchased the product
  • The consumer asked for a service to be done in a certain way against our advice, or was unclear about what they wanted
  • The consumer took an unreasonable time to return the products or cancel the service
  • The consumer relied on someone else's advice or conduct that caused the problem, other than the service provider (us) or our agent/s.
  • Experienced a service problem that was outside of our control, eg a natural disaster, or was caused by someone we were not responsible for.
  • The product or service is for a business, and we have a written agreement to contract out of the CGA
  • If personal or household products were bought and used for business use, e.g. a vacuum cleaner for use in a shop.


Our Rights as a Registered Organisation

As a registered organisation that sells products or services, we also have a right to:

  • Contract out (opt out) of the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) if the products or services we sell will be used for commercial or business purposes
  • Choose how to price our products or services
  • Refuse a consumer’s offer to buy a product or service, e.g. if it’s the last item in stock or the service is no longer supplied
  • Ask questions about and inspect any product or service a consumer says does not meet the CGA guarantees
  • Find out and investigate as much as we can before deciding what do (and what, if any, remedy to offer), in the event of a customer complaint for a product or service
  • Decide to repair, replace or refund a product, or fix a problem with a service, if the problem is minor and can be fixed. If it is a serious problem, then the consumer can tell us if they would like a want a refund, replacement, or cancel the service
  • Refuse a refund or any other remedy if a consumer changes their mind about a product or service, or damages the product after the sale
  • Refuse to fix a problem with a service if the fault was caused by the consumer or events outside of the service provider’s control
  • Be paid for products or services we sell that meet the CGA guarantees.
  • State in writing that the CGA will not apply if personal or household products are bought and used for business use, e.g. a vacuum cleaner for use in a shop


For more information on consumer rights, please refer to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.